About Us

Real Language for the Real World

Benego (pronounced “ben-uh-go”) was created in December 2011 to help people communicate effectively across the world. From our roots in language learning, we understand how important it is to use authentic language. Our goal is to connect native language speakers with language learners. Through this exchange, users create a community that can share language as it is really spoken. This is authentic language.

With Benego, it’s simple to learn and share words and phrases in an open format. The community itself validates the accuracy of the translation so there are no more machine translation errors. Machine translations can be useful at times, but they often substitute inappropriate words which can completely change the meaning of a sentence. Imagine the following:

Phrase requested: “Is there a fruit stand nearby?”
Machine Translation: “Are you standing close to the fruit?”

Phrase requested: “Can I leave my luggage here until tonight?”
Machine Translation: “Do not leave your luggage up to tonight?”

Phrase requested: “I have a dairy allergy so please do not put butter on the pasta.”
Machine Translation: “Put butter, pasta, dairy allergy, I would not venture too.”

Each of these phrases has been translated by a machine translation and can cause embarrassing or unexpected results. Only with native speakers will you learn the true language that is used.

Benego’s community is dedicated to real-time language exchange by native speakers. Learning and speaking a new language, authentically, has never been easier. Try it out, and you will see why Benego is Real Language for the Real World.